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Some names and spellings may appear to be incorrect, but, (errors accepted), all names, titles, and other relevant information has been faithfully copied from Peggy Nisbet's doll tags, certificates, and other published paperwork, and reflect the time and world view in which the dolls were created.

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17th August 2014


New updates added - See the updated page "Dolls/Porcelain Dolls/The Somerset Collection" for a superb slideshow of the very rare "Virginia" figurine, courtesy of Malcolm J.

See also "Dolls/Porcelain Dolls/Victorian birthday Dolls" for an updated page.   The update was encouraged by some searching questions from Richard T, and we have added a downloadable "Birth Day" calculator, so that if you don't already know it, you will be able to calculate the day you were born on!

Finally, thank you to Michael B, for correcting some errors on our "Shallowpool" page - (see : "Know your Nisbet/Similar Dolls/Shallowpool"


19th March 2014

New updates added - See the new page "Peggy Nisbet/Scenes from the workroom", for a small gallery of pictures we were given some years ago, showing some scenes taken by a visitor to one of Peggy's manufacturing sites.   We don't know much about these pictures - can you help fill in the details?


16th March 2014


New updates added - See the page "Peggy Nisbet/The Outworkers", for a picture of Mrs Edna Peacock, one of Peggy Nisbet's army of outworkers.   We hope to expand this section, which has been inspired by Keith's lovely picture of his mum, sewing costumes for Horatio, Lord Nelson.   Keith also supplied three pictures of some Dumpies, including one we have never seen or heard of, before - Go to "dolls/wooden dolls/dumpies", to see the new additions.

Grateful thanks, too to Ernie B for some charming pictures of Paddy, the Irish Bear, (quite appropriate, as tomorrow is St Patrick's Day!).   Find his picture in a new section of the website - "bears and soft toys/miscellaneous bears/paddy the irish bear"



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