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Some names and spellings may appear to be incorrect, but, (errors accepted), all names, titles, and other relevant information has been faithfully copied from Peggy Nisbet's doll tags, certificates, and other published paperwork, and reflect the time and world view in which the dolls were created.

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19th March 2014


New updates added - See the new page "Peggy Nisbet/Scenes from the workroom", for a small gallery of pictures we were given some years ago, showing some scenes taken by a visitor to one of Peggy's manufacturing sites.   We don't know much about these pictures - can you help fill in the details?


16th March 2014


New updates added - See the page "Peggy Nisbet/The Outworkers", for a picture of Mrs Edna Peacock, one of Peggy Nisbet's army of outworkers.   We hope to expand this section, which has been inspired by Keith's lovely picture of his mum, sewing costumes for Horatio, Lord Nelson.   Keith also supplied three pictures of some Dumpies, including one we have never seen or heard of, before - Go to "dolls/wooden dolls/dumpies", to see the new additions.

Grateful thanks, too to Ernie B for some charming pictures of Paddy, the Irish Bear, (quite appropriate, as tomorrow is St Patrick's Day!).   Find his picture in a new section of the website - "bears and soft toys/miscellaneous bears/paddy the irish bear"


15th February 2014

Several smaller additions, and a major new update - Pictures added to the Bears galleries - Our thanks to Jamal M for his picture of 5102 Tiverton (House of Louis Nichole), Chris S for her lovely picture of 5002 Traditional Nutmeg Bear, and Jill S for pictures of a colour variant of H/227 Madame Pompadour, and for providing a picture of H/244 Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire (See the Historical Dolls Galleries).

Also added - Two galleries for the B/ and BR/ series of dolls, as we have been promising this major update for months!   (Thank you all for your patience on this!).

For those of you keen to see the "Legends of Christmas" dolls, please go to the B/ (British Pageant) gallery, to have another look at this interesting group.

Still on the "Christmas" theme, and with reference to the wooden Nativity collection this time - We must thank our knowledgable friend Alice J for her picture of the original carved wooden Baby Jesus, and a second picture that confirms the size of the very small lamb the shepherd is carrying is similar to ours - So we are forced to conclude that though minute, both lambs may be Nisbet originals!



1st January 2014


A Happy New Year to all our visitors! - We have reset the home page back to its normal design, and hope this year that we will continue to bring our visitors more galleries of new doll pictures, and more articles of interest.



21st December 2013


Merry Christmas to all our visitors! - We have made a festive homepage, to show a selection of the Nisbet "Legends of Christmas" dolls, and two original "Happy" series fairy dolls.   We have also put up a new page in the "Know Your Nisbet" section - See the "similar dolls / re-dressed nisbets" page, which highlights a delightful selection of recycled and re-dressed happy dolls, who have now been re-imagined as christmas fairies.   For other Christmas themed dolls, see the links at the bottom of our Christmas home page, for the stunning Nisbet Nativity set, and a unique pair of "Scrooge" dolls, who never made it into production.



Thank you for stopping by to browse, or for making contact with us - We hope the website will prove to be of use and interest to you!