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3rd January 2015


Exciting New updates added for 2015 - Correspondent Michael A contacted us last year to ask about his mother's "Beatles" Nisbet dolls - Collectors of long standing may have heard of this almost legendary set of dolls - Thanks to Michael, you can now learn all about them here : /dolls/the-dolls-that-never-were/the-beatles/   

A recent contact from author Ian Price, who writes for the "Fashion Dolls Quarterly" magazine, (www.fdqmedia.com), enquired about Nisbet's Christmas themed dolls - We were delighted to assist his researches in compiling this article on Peggy Nisbet's "Legends of Christmas" dolls.   Ian has very kindly allowed us to make a copy of this article available for download - Please go to the Downloads/Miscellaneous/ page, and click on the link to "Styling Santa", by Ian Price, to see the article.



16th November 2014


New updates added - Many thanks to Sally W and Colin A, for their kind donation of the January 1985 House of Nisbet catalogue, which is now available to all collectors for free download, thanks to their generosity.   Find it in the "Downloads / Nisbet Catalogues" page



25th October 2014


New updates added - Thanks are due to a number of our visitors and correspondents, for supplying lots of new and interesting information, corrections, and photos :

To Colin A, for correcting the model number for the BMX Bear

To Janet and Athol L for a splendid picture of BR/307, Turnips & Carrots Ho! (see the BR/ Gallery)

To Jackie C, for her excellent pictures of two of Peggy Nisbet's earliest bears (See the "London Gold" bears page)

To Janet W, for introducing us to a bear that one of us had never heard of before, and one of us had forgotten about!   See the 5517 Jack Wilson Yes-No golfer Bear page, newly added for this special character

And finally, to Paul L, for his very interesting picture showing the differences that can occur in the costume of a very well known doll - see the page for "LE21 - Birth of a Royal Baby"

As always, we are very happy to recieve help, support, and advice from you, the visitors to our website - Thank You, All!



Thank you for stopping by to browse, or for making contact with us - We hope the website will prove to be of use and interest to you!