Porcelain Dolls

Doulton Nisbet

7604 Vera Evelyn Samuel

Vera was issued as part of the "Kate Greenaway Dolls" range, in January 1986.   She was an expensive doll, and the collector would have paid £50 to be able to add her to their collection.   This was a large amount of money, back in 1986, but despite the cost, records show that 5000 dolls were made for sale to collectors worldwide.

The pictures of the fine example shown here appears courtesy of Frank T, who inherited the doll when his mother sadly passed away.   The first picture is particularly interesting, as it shows both the design of the box, (which was made to look like an old-fashioned bow fronted shop window, complete with bullseye glass), and because it includes the numbered collectors' limited edition certificate.

Thank you for filling a gap in the gallery, and for providing additional information about this series of dolls, Frank - and for increasing the knowledge of collectors everywhere!

(Added September 2015)

7621 Diana, Princess of Wales

Issued in 1983 by Alison Nisbet as a Limited Edition of 3500, this stunning doll features a sculpted bone china head and hands, and the detail even includes a painted gold wedding ring on her left hand.  

Her dress is a faithful representation of the Emmanuels’ ivory silk taffeta design, and is edged with Honiton lace.   The veil is held by a band of diamante crystals, and even the bouquet is a detailed replica of the original carried by Diana on her Wedding Day.

7637 Sarah Ferguson

When this stunning doll went on sale in late 1986, she cost the princely sum of £69.99 – but one look at the detailed modelling of every part of her construction shows that she was worth every penny!

Her bone china head and hands show a much more animated and vibrant character than Diana’s doll, and many will see this as thoroughly in keeping with Sarah’s nature.

Her dress and accessories, like those of the previous model, are made with great attention to detail - including the train of her dress - which is adorned with a diamante “A” and anchor, in honour of her husband, Prince Andrew.

7640 Victorian Lady

The Victorian Lady is a design created by Alison Nisbet, and I suspect that she took some of her inspiration for this doll, (at least in part), from the charming Kate Greenaway illustrations.

She has a Doulton Nisbet bone china head and hands, mounted on a stuffed calico body, made and dressed by the skilled Nisbet needlewomen and seamstresses.

This model was introduced in 1988, and sold for £29.95 

7641 Edwardian Lady

This doll is another Alison Nisbet creation, based on the Doulton Nisbet bone china head and hands seen in so many other Nisbet dolls.

Like the previous model, she was introduced in 1988, and sold for £29.95


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