Porcelain Dolls

The Hamilton "Royal Princesses" Collection

The “Hamilton Collection” dolls were sculpted by John Bromley, (who later went on to work for Royal Doulton), and dressed by Peggy Nisbet’s expert craftswomen.   They were produced exclusively for the Hamilton Collection, were never sold under the Nisbet label, and because of this, many Nisbet collectors may never have been aware that they existed!   The full series comprised six dolls – sadly, only three could be found and photographed, at present.   Each doll was made as a tribute to a real Princess, who was depicted as a young pre-teen.

Each doll was "inspired by a painting of one of Europe's most famous Princesses, and offered in a worldwide limited edition of 9,800 exclusively through The Hamilton Collection".   Each doll came with a Certificate of Authenticity, a card with the photograph of the doll on one side, and her biography on the other.   Also included was a card giving instructions for the care of the doll.

Princess Victoria

Princess Victoria was the first doll to be issued as part of the “Royal Princesses” doll collection.   She is intended to represent the young Princess, as she might have appeared as a nine or ten year old child.  Dressed in rich deep red velvet, with a scarlet silk underskirt, her ribboned hat adorned with snowy white plumes, she is a fine example of the work produced by the House of Nisbet.   Sadly, she is missing her white feather boa.

Unfortunately, we do not have Victoria's biography card, so her exact identity remains a mystery - Was she the Victoria who later became the Queen of England?

Princess Margarita

Princess Margarita was the second doll to be issued in the "Hamilton Princesses" series.   We are fortunate to have her biography card - see below for details of the Princess this lovely doll was based on   

Princess Catherine

We had previously (and erroneously) identified this doll as "Princess Luisa", but thanks to friend and fellow collector Alice J, we now have her correctly identified as Princess Catherine, the third doll to be issued in this series.

Alice has kindly supplied a copy of her own Catherine's Certificate of Authenticity, which we reproduce below

Example of a certificate of Authenticity for the Princess Catherine doll

Princess Christina has no biography card or Certificate of Authority, so it has not been possible to say with any degree of certainty exactly which Princess Christina she represents, or if she was the 4th, 5th, or 6th doll in the series.   Her costume suggests that she was a child of the mid 17th Century.  

Princess Marie Therese

Princess Marie Therese brings our picture total to 5 of the 6 princesses.   Unfortunately, as with Princess Christina, she has no biography card or Certificate of Authority, so it has not been possible to say with any degree of certainty exactly which Princess Christina she represents, or if she was the 4th, 5th, or 6th doll in the series.


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