Special Collectors Set 15

The Merry Monarch

Limited to 500 sets - Issued in 1978

King Chares II’s return to England from exile abroad signalled an end to the austerity of Oliver Cromwell's rule.  His love of life, (and many women), endeared him to his fellow countrymen, and earned him the sobriquet “The Merry Monarch”.  The doll shown above is Sample no. 1.

The story of Nell Gwyn must be known to everyone – from Orange seller, to actress, to Mistress to the King! Nell was a favourite of Charles, and the only one of his mistresses who truly loved him.   Nell was also a great favourite of Peggy Nisbet, who modelled many versions of this popular character.   The doll shown in this group is similar to the one on the Certificate - but there is another version, in a green dress.  Her picture is shown in the slideshow below.

The Countess of Castlemaine, Barbara Villiers, was from a noble family, and considered to be among the most beautiful women of her age.   Of her six children, Charles freely acknowledged five as his own.   She was famously extravagant, and notorious for her habit of dipping into the Privy Purse.

The Duchess of Portsmouth, Louise de Kérouaille, was the daughter of a French nobleman from Brittany.   She had a childish beauty, and languorous nature, but was very clever and strong willed.   Her notorious rapacity made her hated in England.   Nell Gwyn, with typical earthy wit, referred to her as “Squintabella”, in reference to her “lazy” eye.  The doll shown here is a Finishing Sample, used to demonstrate to the factory and outworkers exactly how the completed doll should look.

The complete set consisted of the following four dolls :

  • LE/83 - King Charles II
  • LE/84 - Nell Gwynn
  • LE/85 - Countess of Castlemaine, Barbara Villiers
  • LE/86 - Duchess of Portsmouth, Louise de Kérouaille

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21st September 2023


Important Announcement


My dear wife, Christine, passed away on the 8th December, 2021after 8 weeks in hospital. I was by her side, when she slipped away from me peacefully, with no pain or suffering.


Chris had been struggling with a slow decline in health, associated with a progressive, untreatable, and ultimately terminal lung disease, and finally succumbed to her old adversary, Pneumonia.


We had been friends for 55 years, together as a couple for 50 years, and married just a month short of 48 years, when she died.   


This website was Chris's idea, and I did all the technical stuff, to make it work.   After news of Chris's passing reached her close friends in the doll collecting world, I was deeply touched and gratified to hear their tributes to my dear wife, and I must thank them all for their kindness and support.   Ultimately, it was her doll friends that gave me the courage to continue with the website.


In the months before her eventual hospitalisation, Chris had outlined a number of additions and changes she wanted to make to the website, and it is my intention to honour those wishes, and to implement the changes we had considered, over the coming weeks and months.


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Christine Poulten

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