Special Collectors Set 7

The Sun King

Limited to 250 Sets - Issued in 1974

This was the first issue of dolls to use  the "LE" (limited Edition) prefix

King Louis XIV became King of France at the age of five, and ruled for seventy-two years.   For 54 years, he personally controlled the French government, in a type of rule known as Absolutism.   His long reign stabilised France, and the French culture became the most admired in Europe.   He is perhaps best remembered for building the Palace of Versailles.

He had a string of mistresses, but was always unfailingly kind to Queen Marie Thérèse, who became great friends with one of his many mistresses, Athenais, Marquise de Montespan

Louise, Duchess de la Valliere, lived openly as the king's mistress for six years, and was made a Duchess for her services.   One of her two illegitemate children by the king, the Compte de Vermandois, was later rumoured to be the "Man in the Iron Mask".   She eventually retired to a convent in 1674

Athenais had several children with the King, and became great friends with the Queen.   She was ousted from the King's affections by the governess she hired, Madame Scarron.   Athenais also retired to a convent

Whilst known as Madame Scarron, Francoise, Madame de Maintenon was governess to the children of the Marquise de Montespan.   Described as the best educated woman in his Court, Louis secretly married her in 1683, when he was 46.   He remained true to her for the next 32 years, until his death

The complete set consisted of the following five dolls :

  • LE/50 - King Louis XIV, "The Sun King"
  • LE/51 - Queen Marie Thérèse
  • LE/52 - Louise, Duchess de la Valliere
  • LE/53 - Athenais, Marquise de Montespan
  • LE/54 - Francoise, Madame de Maintenon

Each doll was supplied with a numbered certificate of authenticity

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31st October 2015

New updates added - We have added a new page on the Isle of Wight dolls, which were produced for the Liliput doll Museum, on the Isle of Wight.   These dolls have mystified us for some time, but an opportunity to do some research through the archives, an email from Graham Munday, (owner of the Lilliput Doll Museum), and an email chat with author and Shallowpool Dolls expert sue Brewer, have allowed a partial reconstruction of their fascinating story.   There are still some gaps in our knowledge, so if you can fill in any of the missing details for us, please do get in touch!

19th September 2015

New updates added - Our thanks to correspondent David H, who has sent us two interesting pictures - The first is of a very rare Nisbet First Doll.   This is the doll that started Peggy Nisbet's dollmaking career, and you can read all about her on this page : dolls/special-collectors-sets-limited-and-signature-editions/SCE-P1953 Replica Edition of the First Nisbet Doll.  David's picture of his original first Nisbet is shown below the article on the replica doll, and below that, is shown a unique 18" porcelain doll that also shows the Queen in Coronation robes, and was used in displays and exhibitions.   This doll is also shown in the book, "The Peggy Nisbet Story".  Other updates added today are the BOAC and BEA dolls, Madam Tussaud Dolls, Wax Dolls, and a Porcelain statuette issued as a tribute to Peter Bull, which is shown under Dolls/Porcelain Dolls/Irish Dresden - Tribute to the Late Peter Bull

12th September 2015

New updates added - Apologies to all our visitors for the long delay in adding some updates and new information - we hope that the items listed below will be of interest!   Many kind thanks to numerous correspondents, for their kind offers of pictues and other information, to fill in the gaps in various galleries :  To Barbara T, for her stunning pictures of H/214 - Queen Elizabeth I, wearing a rubber crown.   Pictures appear in Historical Gallery 1, and in "Know your Nisbets/Headgear/Crowns".   Frank T sent two excellent pictures of Vera Evelyn Samuel, and you can see the pictures and read all about her here - "Porcelain Dolls/Doulton Nisbet".   Penny D has sent in some pictures of her magnificent early P/618 - Robbie Burns - See him in Portrait Dolls Gallery 1.   We have used another of Keith P's pictures in a new gallery just added - "Know your Nisbet/Body shape and pose".   Finally, we have added a new page on Walt Disney dolls, which may come as something of a surprise to many collectors, as the dolls are not typically Nisbet in appearance!


3rd January 2015


Exciting New updates added for 2015 - Correspondent Michael A contacted us last year to ask about his mother's "Beatles" Nisbet dolls - Collectors of long standing may have heard of this almost legendary set of dolls - Thanks to Michael, you can now learn all about them here : /dolls/the-dolls-that-never-were/the-beatles/   

A recent contact from author Ian Price, who writes for the "Fashion Dolls Quarterly" magazine, (www.fdqmedia.com), enquired about Nisbet's Christmas themed dolls - We were delighted to assist his researches in compiling this article on Peggy Nisbet's "Legends of Christmas" dolls.   Ian has very kindly allowed us to make a copy of this article available for download - Please go to the Downloads/Miscellaneous/ page, and click on the link to "Styling Santa", by Ian Price, to see the article.



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